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Aussie mobile leaders Daniel Iversen & Ruben Garcia Mohedano

Taking a different approach for the mobility Q&A series, this time we thought rather than interviewing customers, we would interview our own staff about their mobile experiences.  Oracle staff just like you and me use and build mobile solutio…

An interview with enterprise mobility lead Luc Bors

We’re on a roll in interviewing Oracle customers who specialize in enterprise mobility. Following on from my interview of Andrew Paterson and Simon Canil, this time I’ve taken the opportunity to interview Luc Bors from AMIS in the Netherlands.  …

Australia’s Enterprise Mobile Leaders – An Interview with Simon Canil

There’s a lot to be learned from technology leaders. Continuing on from our previous interview, we’ve published another article with Simon Canil from Colab who has kindly taken time out to talk to us about Colab’s successful foray, if not full on charge into the world of enterprise mobility. Colab’s success earned them Oracle’s Global Innovation Award at Oracle Open World 2014, and to be blunt we at Oracle are very impressed how they’ve taken many disparate Oracle solutions, our database, our business apps and of course our mobile solutions to weave a compelling mobile solution.

Check out the full interview with Simon on LinkedIn.  We hope you find it useful.

By the Poolside: An Introduction to ADF BC Application Module Pooling

As the ADF Architecture TV series draws to a close with just a few episodes left to publish, Oracle’s ADF product management team is still dedicated to creating external training to assist customers in building their ADF applications.
We are pleased…

The ADF EMG day at Oracle Open World 2013 Sunday 22nd

I’m happy to say through the kind efforts of the ADF community volunteers, under the expert banner of ODTUG, the ADF EMG will be running another day of ADF sessions at Oracle Open World’s user group Sunday 22nd September.  This adds another s…

ADF Mobile – Deploying to Android fails with “Cannot find program … aapt”

There’s an old saying, if things don’t change, they often stay the same.
It appears as of last week (post Google’s I/O conference) that there has been a change to the Android SDK.  If you download the complete Android SDK as of 14th May 2013 and later, Google has changed the structure of the SDK such that some critical files that JDeveloper and ADF Mobile rely on deployment have moved.  The error during deployment you’ll see is something similar to:
[08:36:21 AM] Shutting down Android Debug Bridge server… 
[08:36:21 AM] Deployment cancelled. 
[08:36:21 AM] —-  Deployment incomplete  —-. 
[08:36:21 AM] Cannot run program 
“/Users/joedoe/Oracle/adt-bundle-mac-x86_64-20130514/sdk/platform-tools/aapt”: error=2, No such file or directory 
[08:36:21 AM] error=2, No such file or directory
In the SDK it appears the following files/directories have moved:
…and it is this which causes the JDev ADF Mobile Android deployment process to choke.
For your reference Oracle is working on this and is tracking it via bug 16837655.  However there appears to be a simple workaround. Simply copy those files and the lib subdirectory to the platform-tools directory.  If the workaround does not work for you please log the issue on the OTN Forums and/or Support so we can investigate why.
Please note if you’ve downloaded the SDK prior to this, you wont hit this issue.  It only applies to anyone downloading the complete SDK since 14th May+.

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici /

NZOUG – ADF Mobile workshop – Wed 20th March

Are you interested in developing for the mobile platform but not sure where to start?
The ADF product management team is happy to announce we’ve joined with the NZOUG conference on the 18th/19th March to add an a bonus ADF Mobile work…