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SQL Developer 3 and Timestamp Conversion

*+-I shouldn’t be using an old version of SQL Developer like v3 ( anyway but… cut a long story short … I am.
I’ve also got v4 which doesn’t display the same problem
Just pointing out an oddity whilst investigating s…

SQL Developer: Viewing Trace Files

*+-Just a quick plug for looking at raw sql trace files via SQL Developer.
There is a nice Tree View:

Which can be expanded:

Also summary view of statistics, filterable:

And a list view, filterable and orderable:

Some sort of right click summary for b…

Real time sql monitoring – bulk bound statement

*+-Moving through some observations of an ongoing investigation tackling the easiest ones first.
Previously I observed the slow execution of a recursive delete of statistics history but coming not from MMON but from a number of application processes which…


*+-Yesterday I mentioned issues with a recursive delete operation on statistics history.
This is a quick illustration of the last points I made on that post regarding the lack of a COUNT STOPKEY optimisation because of the use of NVL.

Understanding vs Resolution – Statistics History Cleanup

*+-Today I helped resolve a problem quickly but to the detriment of my understanding of exactly what was going on and why.
And as part of the quicker resolution, I had to destroy the evidence which would have helped understand better.
So… now need t…