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Oracle 12c Multitenant – Inmemory (pre-basics)

A couple of very, very basic observations on getting going with 12c Inmemory in a multitenant database. 1. When trying to set inmemory_size within a PDB when inmemory_size is 0 in the CDB ORA-02096: specified initialization parameter is not modifiable with this option 2. You have to use scope=spfile when setting inmemory on CDB and […]


An example of sucking data into a table over a db link using DBMS_PARALLEL_EXECUTE. This particular example is based on something I needed to do in the real world, copying data from one database into another over a db link. Datapump is not available to me. Tables in question happen to be partitioned by a […]

Determining Deterministic I – Introduction

There have been a couple of threads recently on the Oracle forums about deterministic functions and the performance benefits thereof. These keep nagging me that I have been meaning to write something up about this DETERMINISTIC assertion and to also investigate a couple of aspects of this further. Put simply, the DETERMINISTIC keyword asserts that [...]