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wish list for 12c

Back in 2008 my wish list included sparse object allocation (deferred allocation in Oracle’s translation).  And bingo, I got it in 11gr2! It was almost as if someone came here for inspiration!

Prior to that in my "No Moore" series I actually described the Exadata architecture, long before it became public.

Not that such a thing would ever be acknowledged by Oracle, we know that!  After all, I

finally back!

A thousand apologies for the lack of news. Well, it’s been a wild ride since the last post, way back in March! On the work front:We finally finished the new DR site. And it’s all working fine. Not just that, though: a LOT more!If you go here you’ll see in the files area a presentation on how we do SAN-driven DR database replication. It works with SE Oracle, EE, or any other kind of Oracle

Vive la diference!

And I’m not talking about the one between Mars and Venus!Some of the regular readers will no doubt recall my comments regarding the MOS introduction.Yes, dang right they were strong words! We pay Oracle YEARLY in excess of 6 figures in maintenance fees.A large chunk of which is for our access to Metalink/MOS/whatever.The last thing I need when that is unusable for a long period is some idiot

a blast from the past

While going through the latest at Jerry Pournelle’s, I bumped into this:Techniques of Systems AnalysisBack in my prior life as an Engineer, Herman’s writings were some of the most prized. The Rand Corporation represented for many of us the creme-de-la-creme of top engineering and design skills.If you feel like getting enlightened on the seminal work that resulted in IT System Analysis as we knew