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Openworld 2014

Oracle OpenWorld

Are you going to Oracle OpenWorld 2014? I am, and I hope to see you there! As you probably know, OpenWorld is a humongous event with tens of thousands of people in attendance and some amazing presentations. Why, I even hear Oracle’s new CTO might be there. I wonder if he has anything to talk […]

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The Customer Experience

The Apple Experience

[This entry is part 6 of 6 in the series Grow Your Career] I’m going to kick this post off by taking sides in a long-standing feud. Apple is amazing. There. Edgy, right? Okay, so maybe you don’t agree with me, but you have to admit that a whole lot of people do. Why is that? […]

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The Delphix Alchemist?


Alchemists are best known for their (completely fictional and entirely ridiculous, but that’s besides the point) amazing ability to turn lead into gold. Let’s face it, there’s a lot of lead in the Oracle world. Bugs, angry developers, metrics that can seem to elude human understanding…but I digress. The question is, what can an alchemist […]

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