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Stories Are the Best, Plus News on Nest!

Friend of the ‘Lab, Kathy (@usableapps), has been using Storify for a while now to compile easy-to-consume, erm, stories about the exploits of Oracle Applications User Experience.
You might remember Storify from past stories such as the In the U…. by Clive Bostock

This is a reposting of an old blog post that was on but is no longer accessible
More trace file analyzer tools at
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Enterprise Manager and Services, Part I

The term “Service” is used to represent numerous objects within Enterprise Manager 12c.  Although the most common reference to the term is related to the Oracle Management Service, (OMS), in this blog post, we are going to drill down and r…

Put Delphix on your laptop at Oracle Jan 28 !

Create an army of clone databases and applications in minutes

Tomorrow Jan 28 we will be installing Delphix on people’s laptops at the BIWA conference at Oracle conference center at Oracle head quarters in Redwood Shores.

Announcement: APEX 5.0 UI Training – May 12th

APEX 5.0 will be released between now and the end of May. People who have already spent some time on the Early Adopter versions know this version is packed with new features aimed to make APEX developers even more productive, like the Page Designer.Ano…

Unusable index

After table maintenance, like move or split partition, underlying indexes are marked as unusable.
This boils down to segment reorganisation, not dictionary change.
For instance :


Succeeding with Test Data Management


Test data management is difficult, time consuming and expensive leading to incorrect implementation of test data management and significant losses in revenue from high QA costs to bugs in production. Fortunately there is a solution tha…

Log Buffer #407, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

This Log Buffer Edition keeps the aim high and brings few of the best blog posts from Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL.
3 Modes for Moving Data to the BI Applications DW from a Source Application Database.
JSON for APEX Developers.
Neelakanth Nadgi…

5 ways to boost your career with Social Media

Photo by Kevin Dooley
If you are in the Bay Area tomorrow, Jan 27, come see myself, Yann Ropars and Yury Velikanov talk about how to leverage social media to boost your career. We will be talking at Oracle head quarters at the NoCOUG/BIWA conference…

Find it. Fix it. Real-World SQL Tuning Cases – Jan. 13 Webinar Followup

If you missed my January 13th webinar entitled “Find it. Fix it. Real-World SQL Tuning Cases” you can now access the recording and download the presentation file using the following links.Presentation PDF Webinar recording AbstractThere are many way…