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Log Buffer #412, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

This Log Buffer Edition makes it way through the realms of Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL and brings you some of the blog posts.
Introducing Oracle Big Data Discovery Part 3: Data Exploration and Visualization
Base64 Encod…

SQL Developer: Viewing Trace Files

Just a quick plug for looking at raw sql trace files via SQL Developer.
There is a nice Tree View:

Which can be expanded:

Also summary view of statistics, filterable:

And a list view, filterable and orderable:

Some sort of right click summary for b…

Exadata Documentation Available

Please join me in welcoming the Exadata product documentation to the internet. It’s been a long time coming, but glad it’s finally made an appearance!

Everything I Needed to Know About Enterprise Manager I Learned at Collaborate 2015

Collaborate 2015 at the Mandalay in Las Vegas is just around the corner and the sheer amount of Enterprise Manager focused content is phenomenal!  Oracle partners and power users around the world come together each year to provide the lucky attendees …

Real time sql monitoring – bulk bound statement

Moving through some observations of an ongoing investigation tackling the easiest ones first.
Previously I observed the slow execution of a recursive delete of statistics history but coming not from MMON but from a number of application processes which…


Yesterday I mentioned issues with a recursive delete operation on statistics history.
This is a quick illustration of the last points I made on that post regarding the lack of a COUNT STOPKEY optimisation because of the use of NVL.

Understanding vs Resolution – Statistics History Cleanup

Today I helped resolve a problem quickly but to the detriment of my understanding of exactly what was going on and why.
And as part of the quicker resolution, I had to destroy the evidence which would have helped understand better.
So… now need t…

Virtual CPUs with Google Compute Engine

Continuing on my series of virtual CPU behavior in Amazon Web Services, Amazon Web Service HVM instances, and Microsoft Azure, I’m taking a look at Google Compute Engine (GCE). GCE is a relative newcomer to the public cloud world, become generall…

Exadata X5 – A Practical Point of View of the New Hardware and Licensing

Oracle recently announced its latest iteration of Exadata – X5-2. It includes a refresh of the hardware to the most recent Xeon® E5-2699 v3 CPUs. These new CPUs boost the total cores count in a full rack to 288. This is higher than the current 8 soc…

Log Buffer #411, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

This Log Buffer Edition brings you some blog posts from Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL.
Suppose you have a global zone with multiple zpools that you would like to convert into a native zone.
The digital revolution is creating abundance in almost …