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MySQL Sounds Like Fun

-+*I love finding out new things about MySQL. Last week, I stumbled on a query that had the phrase “SOUNDS LIKE” in it. Sounds made-up, right? Turns out MySQL is using a known “soundex” algorithm common to most databases, and popular in use cases …

Monitoring Cassandra with Grafana and Influx DB

In this post I will explain how to set up Cassandra monitoring with influxDB and Grafana. This can also be used to connect to other monitoring systems (Graphite, Collectd, etc…) but since both influxDB and Grafana are hot topics at the mom…

Cassandra 101 : Understanding What Cassandra Is

-+*As some of you may know, in my current role at Pythian, I am tackling OSDB and currently Cassandra is on my radar. So one of the things I have been trying to do is learn what Cassandra is, so in this series, I’m going to share a bit of what I hav…

Log Buffer #414, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

-+*This Log Buffer Edition picks the sea shells from Blogs across the seas of Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL and arrange them for you in this Edition. Enjoy.
12c Parallel Execution New Features: Concurrent UNION ALL
Visualizing Statspack Performance…

Tablespace HWM

-+*The following question appeared the Oracle-L list-server recently:

In order to resize a datafile to release space at the end, we need to find whatever the last block_id that is at the start of that free contiguous space.

Problem is that we have a ve…

Sir Terry Pratchett : I’m so glad that you left us now before you had the chance to die

-+*Just read the news that Sir Terry Pratchett has died. Made me think of this line from a song called And On by Yazoo.
Thanks for the many happy hours I spent in the world you created!
To steal another line, this time from the comments on the story fro…

comment in external table

-+*Depending the files, you may use different signs for comments, typically

# hash
// slash slash
/* slash-star star-slash */
: column
— dash dash

The latest is used in sql and pl/sql, but :


APEX 5.0: pimping the Login page

-+*When you create a new application in APEX 5.0, the login page probably looks like this:I love the build-in login page of APEX itself – luckily it’s easy enough to build that in our own apps too. Thank you APEX Dev team!The first step is to change the r…

Three Weeks with the Nike+ Fuelband SE

-+*I don’t like wearing stuff on my wrist, but in my ongoing quest to learn more about the wearables our users wear, I have embarked on a journey.
For science! And for better living through math, a.k.a. the quantified self.
And because I’ll be…

Flashback Logging

-+*One of the waits that is specific to ASSM (automatic segment space management) is the “enq: FB – contention” wait. You find that the “FB” enqueue has the following description and wait information when you query v$lock_ty…