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How to *really* send a script to the background

Let’s check this small script – foo.sh #!/bin/sh echo foo.1:`date` | tee $HOME/tmp/foo.txt sleep 3 echo foo.2:`date` | tee -a $HOME/tmp/foo.txt $ $HOME/tmp/foo.sh foo.1:Thu Nov 27 17:34:53 CET 2014 foo.2:Thu Nov 27 17:34:56 CET 2014 Very obvious, I write to the console, wait three seconds, then write to the console. Ok, let’s take another script […]

Deploying a Private Cloud at Home — Part 7

Welcome to part 7, the final blog post in my series, Deploying Private Cloud at Home, where I will be sharing the scripts to configure controller and computer nodes. In my previous post, part six, I demonstrated how to configure the controller and compute nodes. Kindly update the script with the password you want and then execute. I am assuming…

Compressing sqlplus output using a pipe

Recently I am involved in a project which requires a lot of data to be extracted from Oracle. The size of the data was so huge that the filesystems filled up. Compressing the output (using tar j (bzip2) or z (gzip)) is an obvious solution, but this can only be done after the files are …

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