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Oracle MySQL Articles

Database Administration

MySQL : Installation on Linux - A description of the basic steps necessary to install MySQL on Linux.

MySQL : Backup and Recovery - A quick guide to performing basic backup and recovery of MySQL databases.

MySQL : Example Backup Schedule - This article contains an example of how you might go about setting up a backup schedule for MySQL.

MySQL : Users and Permissions - Learn how to create new users and grant permissions to those user in MySQL.

MySQL : Configure SSL Connections - This article describes how to enable SSL connections to MySQL.

MySQL : Password-less Logins Using Option Files - Learn how to configure password-less logins to MySQL using option files.


MySQL : How TRUNCATE TABLE affects AUTO_INCREMENT - Learn how the TRUNCATE TABLE command affects AUTO_INCREMENT columns in MySQL and what you can do about it.


Install phpMyAdmin On Linux - Learn how to install phpMyAdmin on Linux servers.

External Articles

MySQL Documentation: MySQL Reference Manuals - The main documentation site for MySQL.