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Raising Steam

-+*Raising Steam is the 40th book in the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett. I waited a long time before starting this book because I heard from several sources that it wasn’t very good and I didn’t want to ruin what has been an awesome 39 book series. I finally bit the bullet and I’m really glad I […]

Skin Game

-+*Skin Game by Jim Butcher is the 15th book in The Dresden Files series. For a quick recap, Harry Dresden is a wizard for hire. Look him up in the Chicago Yellow Pages. Magic is real. Ghosts are real. Fairies are tall, so beautiful it’s almost painful to look at them, and are so divorced from mortals […]

Inspirational Quotes : Skin Game

-+*I’m reading Skin Game by Jim Butcher and a couple of things jumped out at me last night. First, one about interpreting facts. “You have an array of facts in front of you that can fit any of several truths. You have to choose what you’re going to allow to drive your decisions about how […]

The Wolves of Midwinter (The Wolf Gift Chronicles)

-+*The Wolves of Midwinter is the second book in The Wolf Gift Chronicles by Anne Rice. After my enthusiasm for The Wolf Gift, I jumped straight into The Wolves of Midwinter, then kind-of got distracted and took about 3 months to finish it. The long breaks during reading this book made it feel more disjointed […]

The Wolf Gift

-+*The Wolf Gift is the first in The Wolf Gift Chronicles by Anne Rice. Followers of the blog will know that I made a conscious attempt to get into reading a few years ago, having made it to my late 30’s (at the time) having only read a handful of books in my life. Having […]

Untogether Lives

-+*A little over a year ago, I wrote a review of a book called Girl 99 by Andrew P. Jones. I got an email from the author a few days ago to say his latest book, Untogether Lives, was released on Kindle, so I downloaded it straight away. Here’s what it’s all about. Untogether Lives is a collection […]

The Rise of Endymion

-+*The Rise of Endymion is the fourth book in the Hyperion Cantos series by Dan Simmons. The Hyperion Cantos is essentially two stories. The first one split over the first two books and the second split over books three and four. The two stories are separated by about 300 years, but there are some links […]


-+*Endymion is the third book in the Hyperion Cantos series by Dan Simmons. After finding the last book a little patchy at times, this one returned to the same sort of pacing and thrust that made me love the first book. This story picks up nearly 300 years after the last one ends. The daughter of one of the characters […]

The Fall of Hyperion

-+*The Fall of Hyperion is the second book in the Hyperion Cantos series by Dan Simmons. I’m not really sure what to say about The Fall of Hyperion. On the one hand, I was very interested to see what happened to the characters from the previous book. On the other hand, this book was much less focussed and quite disjointed […]

Hyperion (Dan Simmons)…

-+*Hyperion is the first in the Hyperion Cantos series by Dan Simmons. What a great Sci-Fi book! A group of seven travellers are on a pilgrimage to Hyperion. Six of the seven tell the stories of how they came to be there, with the sixth story kind-of linking things together. There is no real conclusion […]