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PDB Logging Clause : What you give with one hand, you take away with the other…

-+*The Oracle 12c release came with a bit of functionality called the PDB Logging Clause. Or to put it another way, it didn’t because the feature just didn’t work. I raised an SR highlighting the issue. The PDB logging clause is meant to allow you to define a default logging clause for the whole […]

Oracle Midlands Event #8 : Summary

-+*Last night was Oracle Midlands Event #8 sponsored by Redgate. There was a problem with the projector, but fortunately there were a couple of large TV screens, so it didn’t have to be a complete no-slide zone. Neither of the talks relied on displaying lots of code, so I don’t think this caused a big problem. […]

VirtualBox 4.3.24

-+*VirtualBox 4.3.24 has been released. Downloads and changelog are in the usual places. Regarding the upgrades: Fedora 21 : No problems. Mac OS X Yosemite : No problems. Windows 7 : I had to use the task manager to kill the “VBoxNetDHCP.exe” and “VBoxSVC.exe” processes from the current installation before the upgrade could continue. Once […]

Birmingham City University (BCU) Talk

-+*Last year I spoke at the UKOUG Next Gen event at Birmingham City University (BCU). One of the lecturers, Stuart Hutchison, from BCU saw me speaking and asked if I was interested in coming to speak to the students about Oracle. He’s trying to get a handful of external speakers to come in during the year and […]

Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) in 12c and RTFM Carefully

-+*I keep thinking I’m moving forward with this Oracle database 12c stuff, but around every corner there is another surprise. A few days ago I was setting up a demo for Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) in 12c using my existing articles (10g, 11g). That’s when I noticed things had changed, so I had to use an […]

VirtualBox 4.3.22

-+*VirtualBox 4.3.22 arrived yesterday, and here was me thinking it was dead. The downloads and changelog are in the usual places. Happy upgrading! Cheers Tim…

Oracle, please take my money!

-+*I need to renew my Oracle Support contract. Everyone on the intertubes tells me Oracle are a money grabbing evil empire right? So it follows that they are going to be really on the case with a support renewal right? Two days ago I wrote an email to customer services to try to renew my support contract. Since […]

Writing a new conference presentation

-+*At the weekend I put together two new talks. One is a session for a local University, which I will blog about when it is confirmed. The other is a new conference presentation called “Pluggable Databases : What they will break and why you should use them anyway!”, which I will be presenting at Oracle Midlands […]

Statistics Collection Enhancements on Oracle Database 12c

-+*I’ve been having a play around with the enhancements to the statistics collection in 12c. I’ve put together this top-level post with links to all my other articles on this subject. Statistics Collection Enhancements in Oracle Database 12c Release 1 (12.1) Here are the new articles it links to. Session-Private Statistics for Global Temporary Tables in […]

Oracle Midlands : Event #8

-+*Oracle Midlands Event #8 is now confirmed and one of the speakers looks rather familiar! Thanks again to Redgate for sponsoring the event, allowing it to remain free! Put the date in your diary. See you there! Cheers Tim…