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Sir Terry Pratchett : I’m so glad that you left us now before you had the chance to die

-+*Just read the news that Sir Terry Pratchett has died. Made me think of this line from a song called And On by Yazoo. Thanks for the many happy hours I spent in the world you created! To steal another line, this time from the comments on the story from The Register. Oookkk oook ook. Ook. Cheers Tim…

The Definition of Success

-+*After reading yet another article alluding to the death of Google+, I’m left pondering the subjective definition of success. Success : the accomplishment of one’s goals. Based on that definition, then Google totally failed. I’m sure their aim was to supplant Facebook as the “time-wasting app of choice”, which they’ve certainly not done. Success : a person or thing that is […]

MacBook Prod 15″ Retina : Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter

-+*I mentioned in my recent post about Riga Dev Day 2015 I had some trouble with my VGA adapter and had to borrow one from Andrejs. It seemed to be working fine before I left. I was going to buy a cheap replacement from Amazon, but after reading a few reviews I bought another £25 adapter from Apple. […]

Keyboard Warriors : Unite and do something positive with your lives

-+*I follow a few non-Oracle channels on Youtube and I sometimes check out the comments, which seem to be a constant stream of keyboard warriors posting their negative rubbish. Whatever people do, the commenters claim to be able to do it better, or claim they know someone who can. If it is sport or fitness related, it […]

Happy Christmas from

-+*Happy Christmas to everyone out there, whether they observe the whole Christmas thing or not. I often take a look at the website stats on occasions like this to see who is hanging about and this is what I can see at 08:00 UK time on Christmas day morning… What’s top of the list as […]

The importance of backups and disaster recovery plans

-+*Having tweeted, “When was the last time you practised the recovery of each of your production databases?”, a few days before, I was presented with a very real DR situation for my website. On Wednesday my website went down while I was at my office Christmas lunch. I restarted it from my phone and it was […]

Fun : Endorse my “new” skills…

-+*For a bit of fun I’ve added the following “new” skills to my LinkedIn profile. Crocodile Wrestling Plate Spinning Fragile Methodologies Laundry It would be really cool if we could get them to the top 4 in the list of my endorsed skills. Please make it a happy holiday by endorsing these. Remember, this only […]

Fragile Manifesto

-+*The Fragile Manifesto has been moved to a new location. Fragile Manifesto Cheers Tim…

A World View

-+*I’ve mentioned this before, but I thought I would show something visual… The majority of my readers come from the USA and India. Since they are in different time zones, it spreads the load throughout the day. When I wake up, India are dominant. In the afternoon the USA come online, by which time Russia have […]

Changing my focus?

-+*I leave for Oracle OpenWorld 2014 tomorrow, which is normally a time when I’m super amped up, but I feel rather flat and in need of change at the moment. I just feel like I’m investing a massive amount of my time on things I don’t enjoy and are not really benefiting me or the […]