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Site Hosting Update : Two Months Down the Line

-+*About two months ago I moved my website between servers within the same hosting company. The old service was being hammered, so I moved to a better dedicated server blah, blah, blah. There was some fallout from this, mostly focussed on lost emails, but I figured it was pretty much over. Yesterday I received two emails […]

Learning for yourself!

-+*This subject comes up again and again. See: Learning to learn… Learn to search the Oracle Docs… What happens if you try it? In a freaky coincidence, two people asked virtually the same thing of me yesterday and I answered each of them individually, but it paved the way for this post. In the first […]

Scottish Independence

-+*Anyone watching the UK news will know we are living in turbulent times. In a few days the people of Scotland will decide if they are going to become independent. I believe the people have the right to decide what happens to them, so if the “Yes” vote comes out on top I wish them […]

Altering Hosting Service : The Gift That Keeps Giving

-+*I moved my website to a new dedicated server about 3 weeks ago. As well as the usual DNS nonsense, I found out today that a whole load of emails have been blocked… I have a mailbox at the hosting company to handle all my email. That all gets sucked into Gmail. That’s the way […]

LinkedIn Anniversary Messages

-+*Thank you to everyone who has sent congratulations messages via LinkedIn, but I think LinkedIn might have mislead you somewhat… When I left a previous job I switched my LinkedIn profile to say I was employed by That was in August 2008. I’ve never changed it since then, so now it says I’ve been “employed” […]

Just Don’t Call It Science!

-+*I’ve had two rather frustrating conversations recently with people who have claimed “science” and “proof” where it is totally inappropriate. One was regarding a 3000 year old religious text. The other was a bunch of medical-related blog posts. In both cases, the people were making very valid points and thought they were backing up their stance with “scientific proof”. […]

F5 Load Balancer Training Course

-+*I’m on an F5 Load Balancer training course for the next 3 days. I have no idea what to expect and to be honest, I really don’t think I should be here. With the exception of a bit of fiddling with Apache reverse proxies, I don’t really know anything about this stuff, so I’m not […]

How to ask a question: The optician edition

-+*I’ve just returned from a rather awkward and unpleasant visit to the optician… Let me start by saying this is the same optician I’ve used for the last four years. I don’t think we would ever be capable of being friends, but I don’t have to like someone to “work with them”. That’s what being […]

Site Maintenance Complete!

-+*It looks like the site maintenance is complete and from my perspective the DNS changes have gone through. If you go to the homepage and see a message called “Site Maintenance” in the “Site News” section, it means you are being directed to the new server. If you don’t see that it means you are […]

Planned Maintenance This Weekend!

-+*Just a quick heads-up to you folks… On Saturday I’ll be transferring my website and blog to a new server. It’s with the same hosting company, so hopefully the DNS changes will not be too drastic. The site is already in place on the new box and it seems to be working fine, so on Saturday […]