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phpBB 3.1.2 Released : Upgrade ASAP

-+*phpBB 3.1.2 has been released. The downloads are in the usual place. I assume by now everyone is using the “sort-of automatic” update process… As is mostly the case, update as soon as possible to avoid exploits… Cheers Tim…

WordPress 4.0.1 Released

-+*I got a bunch of emails this morning telling me by blogs had upgraded to WordPress 4.0.1. It’s a critical security release, so if you’ve not done an auto-update, you really need to get this sorted. The downloads and changelog are in the usual places. Cheers Tim…

phpBB 3.1.1 – Update Now!

-+*Hot on the heels of the phpBB 3.1 release comes phpBB 3.1.1. It’s just a fix for a minor security flaw and a few small functional things, but you should apply it straight away. This sort of thing is quite common for big feature releases. I expect there will be a version 3.1.2 coming soon […]

phpBB 3.1 Ascraeus Released

-+*Just a quick heads-up for those that use it, phpBB 3.1 Ascraeus as been released. It’s a feature release, so the upgrade is a bit messy. I did the “automatic” upgrade. There was so much manual work involved, I would recommend you take the approach of deleting the old files, replacing with the new ones, then […]

Website Outage Warning : 26 Oct 2014 20:00-00:00 GMT

-+*Just a quick note to say the website will be out of action this evening for 3-4 hours. There have been a couple of random failures recently. With nothing in the logs to work with, I figured I’d try testing the hardware. Yesterday I tested the disks and they came back OK. Tonight it’s the […]

The Ad Hoc Reporting Myth

-+*Empowering users! Giving users access to the information they need, when they need it! Allowing users to decide what they need! These are all great ideas and there are plenty of products out there that can be used to achieve this. The question must be, is it really necessary? There will always be some users that need […]

ReadyNAS 104

-+*My old NAS went pop a little while ago and I’ve spent the last few weeks backing up to alternate servers while trying to decide what to get to replace it. Reading the reviews on Amazon is a bit of a nightmare because there are always scare stories, regardless how much you pay. In the […]

Yosemite : It’s like OS X, but more boring to look at!

-+*I went on my MacBook last night and saw I had updates available on the App Store. I figured this was one of those Twitter updates that seem to happen every time you blink. Much to my surprise it was a new version of OS X. You can tell how little of an Apple fanboy […]

KeePass 2.28 Released

-+*KeePass 2.28 has just been released. I’ve just upgraded at home (Fedora 20 and OS X both on Wine) and at work (Windows 7) and everything looks fine. Read about my Adventures with DropBox and KeePass to see how I make use of it. Cheers Tim…  

MobaXterm 7.3

-+*With all that OpenWorld stuff going on I managed to miss the really big news. MobaXterm 7.3 was released. This version includes a fix to Bash for the “shellshock” bug. Downloads and changelog in the usual places. Cheers Tim…