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Oracle OpenWorld 2013 : Tuesday

*+-Another “groundhog day” morning. Up at silly o’clock, went to the gym, then read in my room for a while… Tuesday was the first day of RAC Attack proper. We had 3 tables at the OTN lounge, all of which were full. There were a few teething problems with the new set of instructions, but […]

Oracle OpenWorld 2013 : Monday

*+-Monday started in a similar way to Sunday. I woke up at silly o’clock, went to the gym, then read in my room for a while. Monday morning was spent flitting between the demo grounds and the OTN Lounge. I also filmed a short interview for OTN, which will probably appear at some point. It […]

Oracle OpenWorld 2013 : Sunday

*+-I arrived in San Francisco on midday Saturday. I basically lost a nights sleep, all but 1 hour, so I was not feeling on top of the world. I got some food and went to bed for the rest of the day. I started Sunday at 00:30, so Sunday was going to be a looooonnnnggggg day. […]

Challenge: Most stupid exhibition freebie you can find at OOW2013

*+-I’ve been challenged by Doug Burns to find the most stupid exhibition freebie as a present for Andy Cowling. I am of course going to cheat as much as possible to win this challenge, so if you see something particularly stupid, can you let me know so I can snag one. Needless to say, keep […]

LAOTN Tour 2003 Interview Videos

*+-During the OTN tour of Latin America, Pablo Ciccarello filmed a number of interviews with the speakers and has recently posted links to them here. Right at the bottom on the page there is a link to an interview with Dana Singleterry and myself. If you are interested in listening to our opinions of the tour, […]

LAOTN Tour (Southern Leg) : It’s a wrap!

*+-After fluking a business class flight out to Latin America, I wasn’t looking forward to a cattle-class ride home, but when I got to Sao Paulo airport I got a free upgrade to business class. A number of things did not go well during my outbound journey with AirFrance and I was extremely critical on […]

LAOTN Tour (Southern Leg) : GOUB…

*+-The journey from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Sao Paulo, Brazil was quite straight forward. Just a 3 hour flight and I found myself in Brazil. I got one of the official taxis from the airport to the hotel, but if I told you the price you would think I had booked a private helicopter ride! […]

LAOTN Tour (Southern Leg) : ArOUG Day 2…

*+-I was determined to get on a bus tour of Buenos Aires this morning. The plan was to do this yesterday, then spend this morning revisiting a few parts of the city in a bit more detail. Unfortunately, my inability to follow basic directions scuppered that plan… So this morning I got myself to the […]

LAOTN Tour (Southern Leg) : ArOUG Day 1…

*+-I arrived in Buenos Aires, Argentina late last night. The ferry ride from Montevideo took about 3 hours. This morning I got a taxi to the ArOUG conference venue and did my first presentation of the conference. I was originally scheduled to do both my presentations today, then have tomorrow off, but Alex Gorbachev needs […]

LAOTN Tour (Southern Leg) : UYOUG…

*+-The trip from Lima to Montevideo took quite a long time. First I flew back to Santiago, then from there to Montevideo, Uruguay. The drive from the airport to the hotel was pretty cool. It was dark, but we were driving along the coast and the city was all lit up. We arrived quite late, […]