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Captain Support and TeamViewer

*+-I recently read the news that LogMeIn have stopped their free service. I’m not a big user, but it’s handy to get into family PCs so I can sort stuff for them without having to talk them through things. As I was reaching for my credit card to pay the yearly fee for LogMeIn, I […]

Captain Support and the Mystery of the Broken Website (Internet Explorer 11)

*+-After successfully upgrading two laptops to Windows 8.1, Captain Support flew back to his secret server room and continued to monitor the world’s communications, waiting for the next opportunity to allow mere mortals to witness his greatness. That opportunity came when his sister-in-law emailed to say that his nephew’s football academy website was not working […]

Captain Support and the Windows 8.1 Upgrades

*+-Being the adventurous type of guy he is, Captain Support decided to launch into Windows 8.1 upgrades on his Mom’s and sister-in-law’s laptops. They were identical machines, both running Windows 8 and configured the same. One was local and the other connected to over LogMeIn… The first thing he noticed about the upgrade is the […]

Captain Support and Windows 8…

*+-Captain Support was getting pretty sick of supporting the crappy old laptops his brother and mother were using, so he selfishly bought them 2 shiny new laptops to make his own life easier. The only slight flaw in the plan was they came with Windows 8. Although Captain Support had some previous experience of Windows 8 […]

Captain Support and Outlook.com…

*+-This morning I was called because my mom’s email wasn’t working. As usual, no clear explanation of the issue was available. This sounds like a job for Captain Support!  The problem turned out to be Microsoft had switched her from the Hotmail interface to the Outlook.com interface. A quick explanation of the new interface and […]

Captain Support : The Newest Avenger?

*+-I have a feeling Captain Support may be the latest addition to the Avengers lineup. Why? One of Captain Support’s friends was having some problems trying to sign up to a bonsai mailing list because emails from the list were being rejected before they got to him. He used the special signal and Captain Support […]

Captain Support and the Laptop of Doom…

*+-Friends of Captain Support’s nephews were having a problem with their laptop. They were unable to use a browser to access the internet. This was a job for Captain Support… A quick twiddle on the machine revealed that FireFox just had proxy settings messed up, but IE was totally screwed. Captain Support suspected someone had […]

Captain Support to the rescue…

*+-It’s Saturday night, South Park is on the TV and all is good. Then the phone rings… Mom: I was looking up the symptoms of assorted diseases on the internet so I can panic about the possibilities of my friends, family and especially grandchildren getting them, then the laptop beeped and turned itself off. I kept trying […]

Hong Kong – Day Off 2

*+-In the morning I got a taxi over to my mate Alan’s house and the pair of us, along with his 16 year old step son Kevin, drove up the nearest hill (Victoria Peak) to have a look down over the city. The Hong Kong approach to tourist attractions seems to be, if you think […]

Captain Support and the International Printer Incident…

*+-When I was in Frankfurt airport I got an email from my mom telling me that my sister-in-law was having trouble with here printer. This sounds like a job for Captain Support… Like any self respecting support super hero Captain Support ignored the email. When he woke up this morning Captain Support had an email […]