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EM Cloud Control 12c : The 24 Hour DBA

*+-I think I’ve lived through all the ages of Enterprise Manager. I used the Java console version back in the days when admitting you used it got you excommunicated from the church of DBA. I lived through the difficult birth of the web-based Grid Control. I’ve been there since the start of Cloud Control. I’ll […]

Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12cR4 Production Upgrade

*+-I’ve already written about the 12cR3 to 12cR4 upgrade here. I did a few run through’s at home to practice it and it all seemed good. Setting The Scene Just to set the scene, for our production environment we run Cloud Control in a VMware virtual machine, using Oracle Linux 6.5 as the guest OS. […]

Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 4 (12cR4) Articles

*+-I’ve started to play around with Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12R4. The clean installations on Oracle Linux 5 and Oracle Linux 6 were really easy. You can see how I did them here. Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 4 Installation on Oracle Linux 5.9 and 6.5 I used as the database repository. […]

Cloud Control 12cR3, Oracle Linux and VMware

*+-I mentioned some time ago that I was pushing my current company to move much of their gear on to VMware, mostly because of poor resource utilization on many of the servers. That process is still under way. One thing I wanted to mention specifically was our use of Cloud Control 12cR3. Up until recently, we […]

Cloud Control 12c Database Backup Jobs (Continued)

*+-I’ve been rather critical of the way Cloud Control handles database backup jobs, as can be seen in these two previous posts. I love Cloud Control 12c, but the job management is really annoying! Oracle Cloud Control EMCLI : First Thoughts Yesterday I found out I schedule database backups in Cloud Control the “wrong way”… […]

Oracle Cloud Control EMCLI : First Thoughts

*+-Whilst waiting for a new version of Cloud Control, which will hopefully include my job scheduler enhancement requests, I decided to see if I could solve my problem using the command line interface (EMCLI). That spawned this very basic article. Installing Enteprise Manager Command Line Interface (EMCLI) for Cloud Control 12c I was initially really […]

Oracle Cloud Control 12c Release 3 Installation (EM12cR3)…

*+-With all the excitement about Oracle Database 12c being released, you may have missed the release of Cloud Control 12c Release 3. It’s available for download from OTN. All the usual ports are available. This is the version you are going to need if you want to monitor 12c databases in your organisation. I did […]

I love Cloud Control 12c, but the job management is really annoying!

*+-Cloud Control 12c is a great product. Yes, it is suffering from bloat, but generally it is a really great tool. I’m always encouraging people to ditch the DBControl and switch to Cloud Control! Having said that, one area that annoys the hell out of me is the job management, which feels really clumsy. I […]

Cloud Control 12cR2 : Is it really release 2?

*+-Oracle Cloud Control 12cR2 is installed and merrily monitoring one of the test 11gR2 databases running on HP-UX. I’ll probably leave it like that until I come back from Oracle OpenWorld. I don’t want to change the entire administration and monitoring infrastructure just as I leave for a couple of weeks. As I’m re-familiarizing myself with the […]

Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 2 Installation…

*+-I did an EM Cloud Control 12cR2 installation at work yesterday. The database repository was on HP-UX and the middle tier was installed on RHEL 5.8. The installation was pretty much the same as the 12cR1 version. Over the next few days I’ll be testing out some of the features to decide if we […]