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LAOTN Tour (Southern Leg) : CLOUG…

*+-As you will have gathered by now, the first event of the southern leg of the LAOTN Tour was Chilean Oracle User Group (CLOUG) in Santiago, Chile. After the initial keynote, the main room became the Michelle Malcher and Tim Hall roadshow. We both picked up extra sessions to fill the gaps left by Jonathan […]


*+-The sessions I attended today were: DB Time Based Performance Tuning – Graham Wood A panel session about the Oracle ACE program. I was sitting in the audience for a while before I realized I should be on stage. You gotta laugh. Creating a Technical Disaster Implementation Plan – Arjen Visser Using Oracle Locator and […]


*+-Day 1 of the conference went really well. My presentation started a little late, so I missed out a few slides to try and get the timetable back on track. It was a bit unusual using a translation service for the first time. I speak quite fast so I think the translator needed a break […]

CLOUG Day -1

*+-It’s 10:50 am and I’m in my room in the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Santiago, Chile. The CLOUG conference starts tomorrow and I’m feeling a bit nervous. I last presented in Sweden (ORCAN) in December, but it seems like an eternity since then. I’ve already got a whole bunch of stuff lined up this year. The […]