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OTN Nordic Tour 2013 – Copenhagen

I spent the first two sessions of the DOUG event watching Mike Dietrich presenting on 12c upgrades, pluggable databases and new features. I’ve seen some of his stuff already during the LAOTN Tour (Southern Leg), but his presentations have changed a little since I last saw them. To quote Noons, “Mike’s talk is superb. No […]

Copenhagen (again)…

I mentioned in a previous post I had a days sightseeing before I started my workshop. Copenhagen is a really cool place. I would definitely like to visit again. Regarding the workshop, I think it went really well. The people were very friendly and interacted a lot. It’s hard work presenting for 12+ hours, but […]


I’ve got a single day to do Copenhagen before I have to start working tomorrow. The local tourist office recommended a 3 hour route round the city, which I did this morning. I’m going to spend this afternoon checking out some of the stuff off the main route. So far the weather has been bright, […]