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PL/SQL Masterclass Croatia – Day 2

*+-I wrote this post in Munich airport, but forgot to post it, hence the big gap… After finishing teaching on the first day I got a taxi into town to have a look round for a couple of hours. Since arriving in Zagreb I had been getting some serious déjà vu. First, I had some […]

PL/SQL Masterclass Croatia – Day 1

*+-The first day is over now. Here’s a picture of the group at the start of the day. From 2010Croatia Here’s what they looked like at the end. From 2010Croatia Just kidding. I’m not that bad… Cheers Tim…

Touchdown in Zagreb, Croatia…

*+-When I left Birmingham and it was a warm and sunny. I arrived in Zagreb, Croatia and it is wet. The taxi driver apologized for the weather, but I told him this feels more like home than home does. The flight went OK. I had a 4 hour stop in Frankfurt, but I used this new fangled […]