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InSync11 – Day 1

*+-Getting to Sydney: No major drama there. I didn’t sleep much on the plane. A couple of 15 minute stints during the 22 hours on the plane. Slept well on the first night, so day 1 of the conference was relatively jetlag free. InSync11 Sessions I attended on Day 1 included: Me:¬†Clonedb: The quick and […]

OpenWorld 2010: ACE Director Meeting – Day 1

*+-Yesterday started by me waking up at silly o’clock. The joys of international travel. At least I can see on twitter that I’m not alone. ACE Director Meeting – Day 1 Since we are not allowed to talk about the content of the meeting, I’m only going to mention the opening talk by Thomas Kurian […]

NZOUG 2010 Day 1…

*+-The day started in the normal way. First, an introduction by¬†Francisco, the new president of NZOUG, then some keynotes, then on to the presentations… One of the difficult things about being a speaker at so many conferences is you often struggle to see something on the agenda you have not already seen several times around […]


*+-Day 1 of the conference went really well. My presentation started a little late, so I missed out a few slides to try and get the timetable back on track. It was a bit unusual using a translation service for the first time. I speak quite fast so I think the translator needed a break […]