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The only way is automation! (update)

*+-I was a little surprised by the reaction I got to my previous post on this subject. A number of people commented about the problems with automation and many pointed to this very appropriate comic on the subject. There are one of two conclusions I can draw from this. My definition of automation of tasks […]

Detective? Crime Writer? DBA? Which are you?

*+-The DBA role can sometimes feel like a mix of detective, crime writer and DBA all thrown together. What do I mean by that? When you hit some problems you have to play detective, trying to find clues to what is going on. Once you’ve started to gather clues, you have to play crime writer […]

Real DBAs use Grid Control…

*+-Hopefully the title got your attention. Of course it could have read, “Real Linux Sysadmins use Cobbler and Puppet…”, or any number of comparable statements and products. The point being, there is a gradual evolution in the way we approach tasks and if we don’t move with them we marginalize ourselves to the point where […]

The Oracle DBA… A dying breed?

*+-I’ve updated the site notes for my OpenWorld unconference session. If you fancy having a look, it’s on the Oracle Wiki. It’s quite hard to summarize the conversation, but I think I got the gist of it down. Remember, the notes are trying to convey the opinions of the people present. I’m not saying this […]

It’s not simple, so don’t claim it is!

*+-Rant Alert. The following is an unreasoned attack on the IT community in order to vent my frustration. I’m not claiming it makes any sense or it’s factually correct. It’s just how I feel today. Maybe I’ll feel different tomorrow… I can’t help feeling that companies like Oracle are doing the IT world a major […]