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Heretics of Dune

*+-Heretics of Dune is the fifth book in the Dune series by Frank Herbert. This book picks up the story 1,500 years after the last one ended. The descendants of Siona had scattered throughout the universe, hidden from prescient minds by their unique genetics traits. Now some of them return from the scattering, but for […]

God Emperor of Dune…

*+-God Emperor of Dune is the fourth book in the Dune series by Frank Herbert. After the randomness of the previous book, this fourth one was a lot more on-the-money. There are a number of scenes in the book I really hooked into, including one I blogged about a few days ago. It’s far from perfect, but it […]


*+-I’ve been a fan of the film Dune for ages. I also liked the TV mini series. The Children of Dune TV mini series was a bit too random for me. A remake of Dune is in the offing. With that in mind it is a little surprising to me that I’ve never got round […]