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X-Men : Days of Future Past

*+-This morning I went to see X-Men : Days of Future Past. It was very cool! Don’t get caught up in the whole time travel thing. It really isn’t a big deal in the whole scheme of things. My favourite characters were Blink and Quicksilver. Evan Peters plays Quicksilver, who has one of the coolest scenes in the […]


*+-I’ve just got back from watching Divergent. It is a really good film! Don’t believe any bullshit comparisons to that crappy Hunger Games. It is so much better than that rubbish! It’s probably a good idea not to read any summaries of the plot either, since it sounds kind-of stupid on paper. In the film it […]

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

*+-I’ve just got back from watching The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Wow, that is one seriously long film! At 2 hours and 22 minutes, it’s a good 1 hour and 22 minutes too long… I guess there are two sides to this film: Action Scenes: During the action this films it is brilliant. Really over the […]

300 : Rise of an Empire

*+-I went to see 300 : Rise of an Empire yesterday. My feelings on this were a bit of a mixed bag. I was not the biggest fan of the original 300 movie at the cinema, but I have subsequently warmed to it. This film adds a bit more story about the lead up to […]

Thor: The Dark World

*+-I’ve just got back from watching Thor: The Dark World. Unlike lots of people, I actually liked the first Thor film. I also liked the character in The Avengers, so I went into the movie with high hopes. Some parts of this film are totally awesome. Some parts are a little bit boring. Some parts […]


*+-Pitch Black was an awesome film. It kind of came out of nowhere and delivered a Terminator meets Alien vibe. The sequel, Chronicles of Riddick, was a completely different style of film. I liked it, but I it wasn’t what I expected. Riddick is the third film in the franchise and it tries to revert to […]


*+-I’ve just seen Elysium at the cinema… The Good: Let’s start by saying it is visually stunning! Earth is now a sprawling shanty town with people living hand to mouth. In contrast Elysium is futuristic, high-tech, clean and inhabited by the ultra-rich. The shots of Elysium in space are great. That’s what sci-fi films should […]

Pacific Rim…

*+-I just got back from watching  The Power Rangers Pacific Rim. What a complete pile of crap! How on earth did that get a 7.9 rating on IMDB? How did it get 71% on Rotten Tomatoes? Am I really that disconnected from the rest of humanity? I know I’m not target audience, having not had a […]

World War Z…

*+-I saw World War Z at the cinema last night. I enjoyed watching this film, but it doesn’t really bring anything new to the table. Let’s break it down: It has zombies. Well that’s not new. These zombies are fast. OK, but that’s been done before, like in 20 Days Later. These zombies scream really […]

Man of Steel

*+-I’ve just got back from watching Man of Steel at the cinema. I went into this film with extremely low expectations. For people of my age, this is the third time round for this story, so I expected to be pretty bored from a plot perspective. I’m going to split the film into three parts. […]