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OUG Ireland 2015 : The Journey Home

*+-After saying a quick goodbye to everyone, I got in a taxi and headed for the airport. I was a little on the early side, but as I’ve said before, it’s better to be early than late where airports are concerned. I wanted do have a Guinness in the bar in the airport, like I […]

OUG Ireland 2015 : The Event

*+-Having got to OUG Ireland, here’s what happened… The first session I got to see was Nikolay Kovachev¬†from TechnoLogica¬†speaking about “12c PDBs, Snapshots & Change Management”. Bulgaria in da house! The session started with an intro to ZFS (snapshots, copy-on-write (COW), clones), then a quick intro to the Oracle multitenant architecture. From there it was […]

OUG Ireland 2015 : The Journey Begins

*+-The day started early, about 1 hour before my alarm in fact. I got up, lay in the bath for a while drinking a can of Monster and considering the day ahead, got out of the bath, puked, then got my shit together ready for the taxi. I’ve been ill this week. That combined with […]

OUG Ireland 2014 : I’m going to be there. Are you?

*+-Earlier in the week I got confirmation I have two papers selected for OUG Ireland 2014. PL/SQL : Stop Making The Same Performance Mistakes An Oracle DBA’s Guide to WebLogic Server You can see the full agenda here. I got on the net to check flight prices and Ryanair were doing a round trip for […]