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Oracle Midlands Event #8 : Summary

*+-Last night was Oracle Midlands Event #8 sponsored by Redgate. There was a problem with the projector, but fortunately there were a couple of large TV screens, so it didn’t have to be a complete no-slide zone. Neither of the talks relied on displaying lots of code, so I don’t think this caused a big problem. […]

Oracle Midlands : Event #8

*+-Oracle Midlands Event #8 is now confirmed and one of the speakers looks rather familiar! Thanks again to Redgate for sponsoring the event, allowing it to remain free! Put the date in your diary. See you there! Cheers Tim…

Riga Dev Day and Oracle Midlands Event #7

*+-There are a couple of things on the radar for the coming week and unfortunately for me they are both on the same day. In Birmingham, UK it is Oracle Midlands Event #7 (OM7) on Thursday 22nd of January. This will be the first Oracle Midlands event I’ve missed since it started. I’m a big fan […]

Oracle Midlands : Event #7

*+-The line-up for the Oracle Midlands Event #7 has been put on the website. You can see the details here. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it as I’ll be at the Riga Dev Day in Latvia. This will be the first Oracle Midlands I’ve missed. Cheers Tim…

Oracle Midlands Event #6 : Summary

*+-Last night was the Oracle Midlands Event #6 with Bjoern Rost. Let’s start with the important stuff! I am now the proud owner of an Oracle Press bear! I didn’t technically win it, but one of the people who did donated it to me. This was the right thing to do for two reasons. (1) […]

Oracle Midlands : Event #4 – Summary

*+-What a cracking Oracle Midlands event! The evening started with a session on “Designing Efficient SQL” by Jonathan Lewis. The first few slides prompted this tweet. When someone asks me a question about SQL tuning my heart sinks. It’s part of my job and I can do it, but I find it really hard to communicate […]

Oracle Midlands : Event #4 – Registration Open

*+-Registration has opened for the Oracle Midlands Event #4 on Monday July 14th. This event includes a session on “Designing Efficient SQL” by Jonathan Lewis as well as lightning talks by Jonathan Lewis, Richard Harrison, Salih Oztop, Patrick Hurley and Martin Widlake. The event is free, thanks to the sponsorship by those kind people at Red Gate. There is […]

Oracle Midlands : Event #3 Summary

*+-I really enjoyed Oracle Midlands Event #3 last night. Christian Antognini spoke on “12c Adaptive Query Optimization” and “Row Chaining and Row Migration Internals”. I certainly learnt a lot, which is the whole point of this stuff! After the event a few of us went across to a local pub and the geek talk continued. […]

Oracle Midlands : Event #1

*+-Mike McKay-Dirden recently wrote to me asking if I would speak at a new event he’s trying to establish called Oracle Midlands. You can read his thoughts about it on the about page. It’s similar to the types of things the Pythian guys do with the local meetups. The first event is on January 7th […]