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WPtouch Mobile Plugin

*+-A big shout out goes to Amardeep Sidhu, who pointed me to¬†WPtouch to me recently. Install and activate this plugin and your WordPress blog is mobile aware, presenting a trimmed down view on mobile devices. It really is that simple. No messing involved. If you have a WordPress blog, you may want to have a […]

You don’t need an app for that… (browser stats)…

*+-I’m getting a bit sick of reading about how not having a mobile presence is a big fail. Once again the marketing people take a one-size-fits-all approach and assume that if you are on the net, then people must want to use your services from mobile devices. This is utter nonsense. In reality, the need […]

Vodafone roaming charges…

*+-I’ve spent the last few weeks in discussion with Vodafone about what I believe is a scandalous bill for roaming data charges. Vodafone agreed to reduce the bill by 25%, but this still represents daylight robbery. Fast forward a few weeks and the BBC’s Watchdog program highlighted several cases similar to mine, where people had […]