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OUGN : Summary

*+-With the exception of a 5+ hour layover in Amsterdam, the trip home was pretty straight forward. I flew to Amsterdam with Lonneke Dikmans, Ronald Luttikhuizen and Roel Hartman. During my rather excessive layover, I played catchup with all the internet stuff I missed during the trip… I must say OUGN 2014 was a pretty cool […]

OUGN : Day 2

*+-Day 2 started really early. Having got to bed about 02:00, I was up at 05:30 and thinking about my 08:30 session. The previous evening’s conversation with Brynn was playing on my mind a little (in a good way), thinking how that conversation should/would affect my session. The session itself seemed to go well. I […]

OUGN : Day 1

*+-The journey to Norway was pretty straight forward, but during the second flight, from Amsterdam to OSLO, my nose and eyes started to stream. I didn’t feel ill, but I was starting to worry I might be getting ill right before a conference. I landed in Norway, got the train to the centre of OSLO […]

OUGN Vårseminar 2014

*+-I’ve had some papers selected for the OUGN Vårseminar 2014 event in April, so I will be there representing OTN and the Oracle ACE Program. There is an impressive array of speakers lined up for this event already. Should be fun! I’ve got a couple of months to practice my Captain Jack Sparrow impression. I wouldn’t want to look […]

OTN Nordic Tour 2013 – It’s a wrap!

*+-So the OTN Nordic Tour 2013 is over. Here are the posts I put out during the tour. OTN Nordic Tour 2013 OTN Nordic Tour 2013 – Stockholm OTN Nordic Tour 2013 – Copenhagen OTN Nordic Tour 2013 – Oslo I’ve already done a bunch of thank you messages in the individual posts, but I […]

OTN Nordic Tour 2013 – Oslo

*+-We got on the plane from Copenhagen to Oslo and met up with the OUGN folks for some food in the hotel. We spent a long time talking about non-Oracle stuff, like science and religion. It was fun. The morning started with a long breakfast, which included me nearly throwing orange juice over Mike Dietrich and him […]