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OTN APAC 2014 : Perth – Day 2

*+-Day 2 started at 03:30 local time, so I got about 5-5.5 hours sleep. After doing a bit of work on the computer I went for a swim at the beach. I would like to say I was very brave and marched in, but I got to waist level and gave up. It wasn’t so […]

OTN APAC 2014 : Perth – Day 1

*+-I got up at 04:00 local time and spent the morning working through some stuff on the computer. Due to not reading tweets properly, I missed going for a morning swim at the beach with Bjoern and Connor. Day 1 of the Perth conference started with some quick keynotes, then it was on to the […]

OTN APAC 2014 : The Journey to Perth

*+-It was a pretty uneventful morning. I did my normal trick of checking everything was turned off, then checking again, just in case… I breezed through baggage drop-off and security in record time, barely breaking stride. We were a little late getting on the plane and stared taxiing out to the runway before everyone was […]

AUSOUG 2011: Perth Day 1 & 2…

*+-Day 1: The first presentation of the day was Debra Lilley speaking about 42 real life examples of Fusion Middleware with applications. When you see the markeing bumf it’s easy to believe Fusion Middleware is only for massive projects that use all its functionality. Debra’s presentation highlighted how Fusion Middleware is being used out in […]


*+-The Perth event is now done and dusted. The day before the conference, Chris Muir took Lucas Jellema and myself on a little tour of the city. I slept OK the night before so I felt pretty good. That night I didn’t sleep at all. Not one minute. By the morning I felt OK so […]


*+-The AUSOUG Perth conference finished a few hours ago. It’s a really good size event, about 400 people, which is big enough to feel busy, but small enough to feel personal. I met a bunch of familiar faces and many new ones. The best speaker prize went to Connor McDonald. If you get the chance, […]

Family and Friends post: Day 1 in Perth…

*+-Hello family and friends… The flight to perth took a little longer than the planned 7 hours and 45 minutes. The last 2 hours were really tough. The lack of sleep meant I was really irritable. Everything was aggrivating my skin and my legs felt really stiff and bloated. I got into the hotel at […]