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Belgrade, Serbia: PL/SQL Masterclass -Day 2

*+-Day 2 of the PL/SQL Masterclass went well. The feedback was very positive, which is always nice. As always I over ran on both days. I was about 25 minutes over on the first day and something like 40 minutes over on the second. I’ve got some more stuff I would like to include in […]

Belgrade, Serbia: PL/SQL Masterclass – Day 1

*+-I’ve just completed day 1 of the PL/SQL Masterclass for Oracle University in Belgrade. So far so good… Last night Ljiljana took me on an evening tour of the city. I got to see a little of New Belgrade, which is very modern with wide streets, big buildings and some shopping malls, as well as […]

Belgrade, Serbia: Day -1

*+-I usually wake up far too early before a trip, then spend ages waiting for a taxi. Today I was lying in the bath when the taxi came. This happened to me once before when I fell asleep in the bath. Today I didn’t fall asleep, but the time just disappeared. Maybe I was abducted […]

Advert: PL/SQL Masterclasses in Bulgaria and Serbia…

*+-In November I’m scheduled to do 2 PL/SQL masterclasses in Europe: Bulgaria (Nov 22-23) Serbia (Nov 25-26) As was shown by my recent class in Hong Kong, sometimes the number of people wanting to do the course is fine, but they don’t register in time so the class gets cancelled. Luckily in the case of […]

Hong Kong Update

*+-As always, you never know what you’re going to get when you do an Oracle University class. Originally the Hong Kong class was cancelled, then got rescheduled at the last minute. I was expecting a very small class, but as it turned out I had 19 people, so it was the biggest class I did […]

Melbourne Update

*+-The Melbourne class was a little bigger than the previous classes, with 12 people including several people from Oracle Support. Being the 3rd class in quick succession, everything felt really smooth, with no real surprises. I actually managed to get a reasonable amount of sleep before both classes, which was a bonus. Saying that, I […]

Sydney Update

*+-I’m now sitting in my hotel room in Melbourne, so the Sydney experience is complete. Originally I was told the Oracle University classes would be cancelled if there were less than 10 people. In Singapore I got 9 people, which was the smallest class I had ever taught for Oracle University. I immediately beat that […]

Singapore Update

*+-Call me paranoid, but when I started filling in a customs declaration that mentions the death penalty for drug traffickers, I suddenly got worried about the cold curesĀ and vitamin C pills in my bag. When I walked out of the airport in Singapore I couldn’t believe how humid it was. Dubai is hot, and Washington […]

Advert: PL/SQL Masterclass in Hong Kong is back…

*+-I managed to swap the Melbourne to Birmingham flights, so the Hong Kong date (October 25th-26th) is back again. If you are interested in coming, the contact details are listed here. The date hasn’t made it back onto the website yet, but it is definitely going to happen. The final trip schedule is pretty scary. […]

PL/SQL Masterclass in Hong Kong?

*+-Two days after getting the final confirmation for the Singapore, Sydney and Melbourne dates and the cancellation of the Hong Kong date things have changed a little… Maybe… I’ve been asked to try and reschedule the Hong Kong date (October 25th-26th). I’m in the process of trying to check the implications of the flight changes […]