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Oracle Midlands Event #8 : Summary

*+-Last night was Oracle Midlands Event #8 sponsored by Redgate. There was a problem with the projector, but fortunately there were a couple of large TV screens, so it didn’t have to be a complete no-slide zone. Neither of the talks relied on displaying lots of code, so I don’t think this caused a big problem. […]

Oracle Midlands : Event #4 – Registration Open

*+-Registration has opened for the Oracle Midlands Event #4 on Monday July 14th. This event includes a session on “Designing Efficient SQL” by Jonathan Lewis as well as lightning talks by Jonathan Lewis, Richard Harrison, Salih Oztop, Patrick Hurley and Martin Widlake. The event is free, thanks to the sponsorship by those kind people at Red Gate. There is […]

Oracle Midlands : Event #3 Summary

*+-I really enjoyed Oracle Midlands Event #3 last night. Christian Antognini spoke on “12c Adaptive Query Optimization” and “Row Chaining and Row Migration Internals”. I certainly learnt a lot, which is the whole point of this stuff! After the event a few of us went across to a local pub and the geek talk continued. […]