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Oracle Linux UEK3, Huge Pages and VMware

*+-For those of you using Oracle Linux with UEK3, here are a couple of important blog posts that may have passed you by. Building vmware-tools in your Oracle Linux UEK3 VM Setting up Huge Pages with UEK R3 (kernel 3.8) Thanks guys! Cheers Tim…

WebLogic 11g, Forms, ADF, Oracle Linux and VMware

*+-Following on from my recent batch of “what I’m doing at the moment” style posts, I just thought I would mention some of the infrastructure I’ve been installing and configuring recently… We are still part way through a migration from Oracle Application Server to WebLogic 11g. There are many applications to migrate and test, fortunately […]

Tomcat, Oracle Linux and VMware

*+-Following from yesterday’s post about Cloud Control 12cR3, Oracle Linux and VMware, I thought I would just mention something I put live yesterday evening. We have a 3rd party Java-based application that runs on Tomcat 7 and Java 7 that until recently was running on RHEL5 on physical hardware. It runs against an Oracle database, but that […]

Cloud Control 12cR3, Oracle Linux and VMware

*+-I mentioned some time ago that I was pushing my current company to move much of their gear on to VMware, mostly because of poor resource utilization on many of the servers. That process is still under way. One thing I wanted to mention specifically was our use of Cloud Control 12cR3. Up until recently, we […]

All change. Virtualization, here we come!

*+-Followers of the blog will know I dig virtualization. I first ran Oracle in virtualized environments over a decade ago. In my current company there is a strong virtualization presence in the Windows space. Pretty much all Windows servers, including those running MS SQL Server, are actually VMs running on a VMware farm. The UNIX/Linux side is […]

VMware price changes could be perfect for Oracle VM uptake…

*+-It’s not very often you see Oracle looking like the cheap option, but Oracle VM has always been pretty attractive on that score. The latest information about VMware vSphere 5.0 pricing sounds like the perfect cue for Oracle to start another big push on the virtualization front, as I’m sure a lot of VMware customers will be […]

VMware Server 2.x on CentOS 5.4 problems…

*+-Since I upgraded my desktop to CentOS 5.4 I’ve been getting loads of problems with VMware Server 2.x. I did a bit of Googling today and it turns out it’s a known problem. I followed the workaround listed at the following URL and it works fine now. https://www.centos.org/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=23365&start=0#forumpost91494 If you are struggling with VMware Server […]

Oracle 11gR2 RAC On Linux Using VMware Server 2

*+-I’ve taken my first tentative steps into 11gR2 RAC and it was a big surprise. Oracle 11g Release 2 RAC On Linux Using VMware Server 2 11gR2 RAC feels very different to 11gR1 RAC. I can imagine quite a few people wanting to upgrade from 11gR1 thinking it will be trivial and getting a rude […]

VMware ESX Server 4.0 Released…

*+-I guess the Oracle-Sun news makes everything else seem pretty small scale, so the launch of VMware ESX Server 4.0 will probably go largely unnoticed. I’ve used many of the VMware offerings (Workstation, Server, GSX Server, ESX Server, ESXi, Intrastructure etc.) and seen the demos of the advanced features and they are impressive, but I […]

Oracle 11g RAC On Linux Using VMware Server 2…

*+-I mentioned in a previous post I had taken the plunge and upgraded to VMware Server 2 on my laptop. Now I’ve also upgraded my main machine at home and it seems to be working fine. Probably the most complicated thing I run at home is a virtual RAC, so I wrote a new article […]