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OTN Yathra 2014 : It’s a Wrap

*+-The OTN Yathra 2014 tour is over and I’m back home now. Here are all the blog posts from the tour. The Journey Begins Jalandhar Noida Mumbai Pune Hyderabad Bangalore Chennai Although I come from the second biggest city in the UK, Birmingham has a very slow pace in comparison to other UK cities. Friends […]

OTN Yathra 2014 : Chennai

*+-Yesterday’s flight from Bangalore to Chennai was very short. It felt like less than an hour to me. Hans Forbrich wasn’t coming to this event, so it looked like Debra Lilley and I would be on our own for this journey, but we bumped into Kuassi Mensah at the airport. The hotel was very nice, but doing […]

OTN Yathra 2014 : Bangalore

*+-Yesterday’s flight to Bangalore was pretty quick, about 80 minutes if I remember correctly. We landed and were picked up by a car from the hotel. We were told the traffic would be terrible in Bangalore, but it wasn’t too bad. Debra managed to keep her eyes open for much of the journey. There were […]

OTN Yathra 2014 : Hyderabad

*+-I literally got no sleep last night before the Hyderabad event today. My hotel room overlooked what looked like the busiest road in the world and Indian drivers have a love affair with their car horns. Every time I was about to nod off, a different tone of horn would wake me. So this morning, […]

OTN Yathra 2014 : Pune

*+-The Pune event took place in the local Oracle office, which is a very impressive building. I did three sessions at this event. I was in the first slot with a virtualization presentation, then spent most of the next session talking to some of the attendees. After lunch I had a session on PL/SQL performance, […]

OTN Yathra 2014 : Mumbai

*+-The Mumbai event took place in the local Oracle office and was attended by a straight technical crowd, which is much easier to present to than a mixed audience. In addition to my own talks, I got to see some others too. PS (Sai) Janakiram‘s session on Oracle VirtualBox was interesting. In addition to a general […]

OTN Yathra 2014 : Noida

*+-I woke up today feeling a little dodgy and for a moment I thought it would be a repeat of my morning in Jalandhar. Fortunately, once we got moving and I drank some really sweet tea, everything was OK. Today’s event was based at the Sharda University in Noida. We were introduced to the crowd, […]

OTN Yathra 2014 : Jalandhar

*+-Day one did not start well. I woke up and couldn’t stop throwing up. I got to the Lovely Professional University, thinking it would stop, but it didn’t. The people at the University were really helpful and took me to the University doctor, who gave me an injection to stop the nausea. A few minutes […]

OTN Yathra 2014 : The Journey Begins

*+-It’s been a really tough lead up to this tour. I’ve already blogged about the panic over my visa and flights. Since that post my flights were cancelled, switched to some different flights, then switched back again. I only got the final confirmation on the Thursday night before leaving on the Sunday. What with that […]

OTN Yathra 2014

*+-I’ve been a little quiet on the blog lately, mostly because I’ve been spending my time freaking out about the arrangements for the OTN Yathra 2014 tour of India. I had to apply for a visa, which in itself was not too bad, but I spent quite a long time without a passport, thanks to […]