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Multiple DB on single ASM instance on standalone system

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Multiple DB on single ASM instance on standalone system

Postby manishkumar08 » Mon Jul 09, 2012 8:11 am

Hi Tim,

"I would like to have one (1) ASM instance for multiple databases in Oracle on Standalone server."

a) Is the bellow senario possible to implement.
ASM instance:- +ASM
Database Db1:- to have two diskgroups (db1dg1 & db1dg2). Database Db1 Pfile parameter asm_diskgroups= db1dg1, db1dg2
Database Db2:- to have two diskgroups (db2dg1 & db2dg2). Database Db2 Pfile parameter asm_diskgroups= db2dg1, db2dg2

b) is there any view to gather details like below from ASM :-

Diskgroup name database name
-------------------- --------------------
db1dg1 DB1
db1dg2 DB1
db2dg1 DB2
db2dg2 DB2

Can you please guide for the same.


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