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Test 1Z1-035, OCP upgrade fro 7.3 to 9i

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Test 1Z1-035, OCP upgrade fro 7.3 to 9i

Postby Guest » Mon Nov 01, 2004 6:09 pm


There is a beta version of OCP test (1Z1-035) for 7.43 upgrade to 9i. Does anyone registed this exam? I have some questions:

1.HOw to prepare this exam? Should I prepare the new fuetures for 8 , 8i and 9i?
2.If I pass this exam, do I get the same OCP certification as regular 9i certification?
3.Is there any review meterial for this test? Please help me. Thanks.

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RE: Test 1Z1-035, OCP upgrade fro 7.3 to 9i

Postby Tim... » Mon Nov 01, 2004 6:09 pm


This looks like a tough exam as it covers alot of areas. I doubt any one is covered in great detail, but it does seem to cover alot of the 8i and 9i features so you will need to prepare for both. I would concentrate on the 9i stuff as alot of this has crossovers with 8i and 8.

If you pass the beta exam you will be a proper OCP 9i, but you will not be an OCP 8 or 8i. If you want to be certified in these you will have to take the upgrades separately. Prometric are very slow at sending out the results and certificates. You won't get the results until approximately 10 weeks after the exam. In addition, the beta exams have about 3 times the number of questions and only twice the time limit. They are quite tough. I did the Oracle9i upgrade beta and it was 191 questions in 3 hours. As well as answering the questions you are meant to comment on questions that you believe are unfair or vague. The beta program is part of the quality control for the exam so there are lots of crap questions that will never make it to the production exam.

I've not heard of any exam guides for this exam yet. I think your best bet is to check through the 8i and 9i upgrade materials. The 9i upgrade articles on this site will provide you with all the 9i information you need.

Good luck

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RE: Test 1Z1-035, OCP upgrade fro 7.3 to 9i

Postby Guest » Mon Nov 01, 2004 6:09 pm

Hi jenny
I also have registered for the exam..what date are you taking the exam..please guide me for this exam as I am really very much scared with this exam..I am taking this exam on the last day at 29th aug...I am an OCP 8..please reply if you get any information about this exam..
Awaiting for your reply..

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