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Comments for A Cure for Virtual Insanity

A Cure for Virtual Insanity - A vendor-neutral introduction to virtualization without the hype.

tim carroll said...

Good Article - but as for the pricing model - For Vmware yes you need to buy a license for whatever the physical box has, but then you can slice and dice and use as many oracle databases as you want within them

Obviously Oracle wants you to use their hopelessly defective XEN product - I have used Oracle VM since it came out and 3.1 is the worst yet

Tim... said...


Yes. I think I have covered this point. I said using VMware for mixed Oracle workloads (DB & App Server) does not make sense. Consolidating a single workload is fine.



Waseem said...

Hi Tim,

Great article. Also it covers an array of thoughts in a simple manner.

It was a great pleasure meeting you in India.
Better that you covered/explained in detail this very topic(AIOUG).

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