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Comments for Recovery Manager (RMAN) in Oracle 8i

Recovery Manager (RMAN) in Oracle 8i - Explanation of RMANs basic backup, recovery and reporting functionality in Oracle 8i.

MK Maran said...

Dear Tim,

I, Maran , sending this msg, from Singapore.

I had lot of doubts about RMAN. I found your article when I surfing the net to clear my doubts. Fortunately I found your base in Oracle-Base.

Now I got a something from your page.

I rellay apprecite for your article.

Keep it up!

Best regards,
MK Maran 02:26PM 15/07/2005

Tim... said...

Glad you liked it. Take a look at the 9i version of the article also.



MK Maran said...

Hi Dim,

Have you posted articles for all versions?... Ha..ha... I think , Tim is a Super Oracle.

I look at the 9i and 10g too. Its good and very useful to me!

MK Maran 06:22Pm

Tim... said...

The links at the bottom of the articles point to updated information and articles.



Viet said...

Thank you very much for your article. It helps me a lot and clear a lot of my questions about RMAN.

Best Regards,

Viet Tran

yshaly said...

Thanks for ur effort it was helpful.

Patrick Lhermie said...

Great job !
Thanks for this excellent resume regarding important functions of RMAN !
Will check also 9i rman page...

ajit said...

Dear Tim,

I ,Ajit, sending this message from mumbai(INDIA).
I know abt ora-base i first pref. this site for my knowledge point of view. This site is really very good to learn oracle from scratch

Keep it up!

Best regards,
Ajit Chandane

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