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Comments for Dynamic Binds Using Contexts

Dynamic Binds Using Contexts - Simplify dynamic variable binds within dynamic SQL using contexts.

kervoaz said...

thank you

Charlie 木匠 said...

A better solution:


here is the new approach:

14 if ( p_ename is NOT NULL )
15 then
16 l_query := l_query ||
17 ' where ename like
18 ''%''||:p_ename||''%'' ';
19 else
20 l_query := l_query ||
21 ' where (1=1 or
22 :p_ename is null) ';
23 end if;

Tim... said...


That approach has been around for a while now. I would describe it as a "different" approach, rather than a "better" one. Each have their positive and negative points.



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