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SQL New Features In Oracle9i - Check out the new SQL features with emphasis on those relevant for the Oracle9i Database: New Features For Administrators OCP exam.

Dr.Muraleerajan said...

It is a very good, clearly understanding and
precise and specific to the new features of oracle 9i.
I appreciate it.


Adam said...

It is helpful indeed, however I noticed some typeographical errors. Above the index code read:
"USING UNDEX clause of"
rather than "USING INDEX clause of"

Also, In the code the subquery refers to the table employee, rather than employees. I believe this is a type-o as well. I prefer to use singulars when naming tables, apparently some people make everything plural... as long as your consistant it doesn't really make any difference.

Tim... said...


I corrected the typos. Thanks for the heads-up.



ap said...

Its really good enhancements.


Rodrigo Almeida said...

Very good article.


Mohammed Rafiuddin said...

It is very nice. Getting an overview of new features in Oracle 9i.

I appreciate it.

Jay said...

It gives a good insight although small into new SQL features in Oracle 9i. Thanks.

leena D said...

It's really good article very specific and conceptual!Thanks

ajeet singh raghav said...

this is really good knowledge for me.
keep index is really good....

Stephen M said...

Expalins very nicely with examples.
very userful link for developers like me.

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