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Oracle Streams - Based on Advanced Queuing and LogMiner, Oracle Streams form a distributed messaging technology that can be used for a variety of tasks including messaging, replication and ETL processes.

haley said...

tks a lot. it's very helpful for me.

Reza Rawassizadeh said...

I look for short and complete example and I found it here

Nick Williamson said...

Absolutely fantastic article! *Exactly* what I was looking for... a proof of concept for one-way Streams-based replication on a single table. I'd struggled with the examples in the Oracle manuals but Tim's stuff worked first time, and really got me out of a hole. Thanks for posting it...

Mike said...

Perfect write-up. I needed a quick one table example so I could get it going and look at the dictionary tables, etc.


satish said...

I tired this example, it worked perfectly fine. however now I get an error in destination database sys.apply$_error table as "table or view does not exist"

Please advice

Kal said...

This worked from scratch for a 10G database, perfect, thanks a lot.

Vimal said...

Hi Tim, It would be very helpful if you tell me if the procedure is same for 10g also? Shall I do the similar for 10g?

waiting for reply,

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