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File Upload and Download Procedures in Oracle Database 10g - Upload and download files directly from the database using Database Access Descriptors.

Gaurav said...

This article (File Upload and Download Procedures in Oracle Database 10g) is excellent but I am facing one problem while downloading files:
Nothing happening on doing following
Pl tell me the exact way to download files to Gaurav - .

Tim... said...


Provided you have set up your DAD, and you are using your own server name and the correct port in the URL, the browser should display the page correctly, allowing you to download a file.

Please don't ask questions in the comments section. If you need more help, ask a question in the forum.



remik said...

hi is there a way to make this work on xe ver of oracle im getting 500 error when trying to upload

Tim... said...

Questions in the forum, not in the comments!

I've never tried it because I don't use XE, but I would think it is possible. Probably best to try the XE forum on OTN.



Kid said...

What about multiple upload files? is possible too? how? thanks.

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