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ASM using ASMLib and Raw Devices - Set up ASM using raw devices or ASMLib and switch between the two.

dc said...


Oracle said...

Good input. Thanks

Arul said...

Very useful information for any DBA.

Don said...

Excellent article. Good detail and well worth reading.

SP -SAIC said...

Excellent document. Great reference for any DBA. Thanks.

Lauri said...

This is a very good document, you did a good work. My compliments :-)

Ranjith said...

Very clear for understanding

kuljeet Singh said...

best and clear document to understand.

Justiono said...

With ASMLib, it is possible to use whole disk for ASM disk without being partitioned.
Command example: /usr/sbin/asmtool -C -l /dev/oracleasm -n DATA1 -s /dev/sdc -a force=yes

Mohammed Y said...

Simple and Excellent!! doc

Keep going Sir,



Sergey11g said...

Thanks a lot for your site!

Marcelo H Gonçalves said...


I suggest to add some things here, like using commands bellow and some tips from this page are also good.

# blkid

Gaurav B said...

Very good document, thanks a lot !!!

shivam said...

# /etc/init.d/oracleasm configure
Configuring the Oracle ASM library driver.
Default user to own the driver interface []: oracle

dear sir, i m having username is :-shiv_dba
and when i m putting it ,this is showing an error:-
Default user to own the driver interface [shivdba]: shiv_dba
Invalid user: shiv_dba

please give me a solution on

Tim... said...


The solution is, don't use a username with an underscore in it.



Chicho said...

Excelent solution, but for oracle Linux 6(or better) we need a package oracleasmlib and oracleasm-support. Enter to link

Thaks you so much ORACLE-BASE!!!

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