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Oracle Database 10g Release 2 ( Installation On Fedora 7 - A brief guide to installing Oracle 10g Release 2 ( on Fedora 7 (F7).

Suman Basu said...

Excellent Resource.
Very Helpfull

Robert Bowell said...

Hi!! This was/is a great help. I had to install gcc for the installation to complete.

yum install gcc (on FC7)

Thanks !!

David Mora said...

just note, that in a basic fedora 7 config, you will need to have gcc (yum install gcc) or the oracle universal installer will fail while linking the binaries

Hea-eun said...

Thank you...
But this installer failed.

Tim... said...

Worked fine for me.



Radek said...

Works fine on Fedora 8 as well... I had only upgraded the development version of xclib before to avoid problems with locking (see

pismobum said...

Typo Correction suggestion...

I believe that the following:
chown -R oracle.oinstall /u01
should be:
chown -R oracle:oinstall /u01
note the exchange of a colon for period.

I am still trying to get this to work. I will try installing gcc next...
The one for 11g worked for me very well.

pismobum said...

Interesting... works either way on FC7 (period or colon). Hmmmm.

Gagan Bhalla said...

Thanks man, it worked perfect...

I used Fedora 9 and Oracle 10g Release 2. followed instruction, a bit from this article and a bit from Oracle 11g and Fedora 9.. and it went smooth!

Thanks again!
Namaskaar ..Adios! :)

Singgih Octafianto said...

hi there, just want to say thank you :)
it works 10g over fedora 10 also. i just skipped the display setting before execute ./runInstaller

i also follow oracle automatic startup/shutdown, listener status here (in Bahasa)

write the script in vi, do not copy paste text using gedit since the character set does not match.

thank you again,
wish you all the best.

singgih octafianto

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