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Oracle Applications (11.5.9) Installation on Enterprise Linux 4.5 - A brief guide to installing Oracle Applications (11.5.9) on Enterprise Linux 4.5.

Bhupinder Singh said...

Thanks Tim for the excellent document.

Just to add my two cents.

In case of RHEL 4.5 or RHAS 4.5in Oracle EBS 11.5.9 rapidwiz may not work. It may give java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError.

To resolve this download the Rapidwiz Patch 3985272. This is the latest rapidwiz installer.

After downloading unzip it and then copy the startCD to the staging area. Then do the following:
cd /startCD/Disk1
chmod -R 777 rapidwiz

now launch the new rapidwiz installer and it runs fine.
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