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SecureFiles in Oracle 11g Database Release 1 - Compress, deduplicate and encrypt LOBs using the new LOB functionality in Oracle 11g.

Lesio said...

Perfect article !

Tomasz said...

FILESYSTEM_LIKE_LOGGING and NOLOGGING are the same for SecureFiles. The diference between FILESYSTEM_LIKE_LOGGING for SecureFiles and NOLOGGING for BasicFiles is SecureFiles will survive instance crash BasicFiles will not survive.
I think you need to clarify it in this document it could be vey useful.


Yury said...

> There is no automatic method for migrating a column from a BasicFile to a SecureFile LOB.

Actually there is:
Online redefinition is the only recommended method for migration of BasicFile LOBs to SecureFiles. It can be done at the table or partition level.

Tim... said...


Online table redefinition (which I mentioned in the article) is not an automatic method for conversion. You have to do it manually, like all the other methods I listed.



Tiger said...

Brilliant and very thoughtful article..Thanks a ton... this help me a lot.. I hope you if possible you could share some examples of performance comparison between securefiles and LOBs

Raghav said...

Nice article. Keep up the good work
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