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Comments for SecureFiles in Oracle 11g Database Release 1

SecureFiles in Oracle 11g Database Release 1 - Compress, deduplicate and encrypt LOBs using the new LOB functionality in Oracle 11g.

Lesio said...

Perfect article !

Tomasz said...

FILESYSTEM_LIKE_LOGGING and NOLOGGING are the same for SecureFiles. The diference between FILESYSTEM_LIKE_LOGGING for SecureFiles and NOLOGGING for BasicFiles is SecureFiles will survive instance crash BasicFiles will not survive.
I think you need to clarify it in this document it could be vey useful.


Yury said...

> There is no automatic method for migrating a column from a BasicFile to a SecureFile LOB.

Actually there is:
Online redefinition is the only recommended method for migration of BasicFile LOBs to SecureFiles. It can be done at the table or partition level.


Tim... said...


Online table redefinition (which I mentioned in the article) is not an automatic method for conversion. You have to do it manually, like all the other methods I listed.



Tiger said...

Brilliant and very thoughtful article..Thanks a ton... this help me a lot.. I hope you if possible you could share some examples of performance comparison between securefiles and LOBs

Raghav said...

Nice article. Keep up the good work

Max said...

>> Oracle Streams does not currently support SecureFiles, so avoid mig
It is wrong for 11.2, because:
Oracle Streams does not support SecureFiles LOBs that are deduplicated

Max said...

Capture processes can capture changes to SecureFile LOB if compatibility is set to
capture processes do not support capturing changes to SecureFile LOB columns stored using deduplication, capturing changes resulting from fragment-based operations on SecureFile LOB columns

Tim... said...


The article was written against 11gR1, but I've added a comment about that change in 11gR2.

Thanks for the feedback.



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