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Automated Database Maintenance Task Management in Oracle Database 11g Release 1 - Reduce the impact of automated maintenance tasks on your system by controlling how and when they run.

Lesio said...

Very useful to prepare to OCP exam :)

Shuchi said...

Hi Tom,

I am learning 11g from oracle-base. Needless to say its awesome!!!... Thanks for put those essential/new feature of every relase to same place and updating. Thanks to you buddy !!!

I have one qurey regarding ABP (Autotask backgroud process). For ABP can we say that : - it translate tasks into jobs for execution by scheduler.?

please update me.


Tim... said...


Don't know what you mean. If you have a question please ask it in the forum, not in the comments.



DO NOT ask technical questions here, that's what my forum is for!

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