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Measuring Storage Performance For Oracle Systems - This article outlines two easy ways to test the performance of your storage systems using utilities provided by Oracle.

Josh Collier said...

please make note that this feature is not only for detecting the ability of your i/o subsystem, it also plays a role in Auto DoP. You may think "i don't care, i set my parallel management to manual" but if you use parallel hints, auto DoP will affect your queries if you have run the i/o calibration procedure. this may surprise you.

Kirk said...

Please note that Orion is now included with Oracle 11g R2 in the $ORA_HOME\bin folder. Also, the links here don't work.

Tim... said...


Thanks for the heads up. I've checked on MOS and the ORION download has been pulled. The official line is you use the one shipped, or don't use it at all. :(

I've amended the article to reflect this.


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