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Comments for Oracle Linux 6 Installation

Oracle Linux 6 Installation - This article provides a pictorial guide for performing a default installation of Oracle Linux 6.

lesio said...

not bad not bad :)

Arun said...

I could not get the GDE to run if I selected Basic Server type install. The server always booted in text mode. Finally, I selected Desktop type install and then the GDE started on reboot. I had even selected all Desktop packages but GDE still won't start up. Not sure how you got GDE to run with Basic Server install.


Tim... said...


I've added the package selection you need the installation to have a regular desktop. I do a basic server installation with these packages added. Check out point (17) in the article for the list.

If you are planning to install Oracle 11gR2 on OL6, you will need some other packages. You can see the list at the start of this article.




Arun said...

Thanks Tim. After posting the comment, I re-installed OEL6 for the 5th time, this time selecting all Desktop packages except KDE and it worked.

pat said...

Thanks Tim good tutorial

ns said...

You are a lifesaver for the linux newbies.

Warwick said...

Hi Tim

I wish I had read this before my 6th install attempt :-(

My final issue is around the firewall. I have installed 6.2 and have managed to get a desktop (Finally!!). I want to turn off the firewall but when I select the option to manage it, I just get a spinner for about 5 seconds, then it goes away and nothing loads up! Is there an *easy* way to just turn off the firewall from Cmd Lne?

Tim... said...


Check out the last two commands in the installation section of this article:




sanjiv said...

Thanks Tim: very detailed, meticulous and complete. You have done a good job. Thank you.


ann said...

I have chose database server instead of basic while installing.
Can you please let me know how to disable firewall and cancel software updates.

Tim... said...


The article explain how to configure the firewall. You can also read this.


Cancel software updates. Remove the /etc/yum.repos.d/* repositories and kill the Yum processes.

Questions in the forum please. :)



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