Oracle Database Pre-Upgrade Information Tool 07-24-2013 15:00:37 Script Version: Build: 006 ********************************************************************** Database Name: ORCL Version: Compatible: Blocksize: 8192 Platform: Linux x86 64-bit Timezone file: V14 ********************************************************************** [Renamed Parameters] [No Renamed Parameters in use] ********************************************************************** ********************************************************************** [Obsolete/Deprecated Parameters] [No Obsolete or Desupported Parameters in use] ********************************************************************** [Component List] ********************************************************************** --> Oracle Catalog Views [upgrade] VALID --> Oracle Packages and Types [upgrade] VALID --> JServer JAVA Virtual Machine [upgrade] VALID --> Oracle XDK for Java [upgrade] VALID --> Oracle Workspace Manager [upgrade] VALID --> OLAP Analytic Workspace [upgrade] VALID --> Oracle Enterprise Manager Repository [upgrade] VALID --> Oracle Text [upgrade] VALID --> Oracle XML Database [upgrade] VALID --> Oracle Java Packages [upgrade] VALID --> Oracle Multimedia [upgrade] VALID --> Oracle Spatial [upgrade] VALID --> Expression Filter [upgrade] VALID --> Rule Manager [upgrade] VALID --> Oracle Application Express [upgrade] VALID --> Oracle OLAP API [upgrade] VALID ********************************************************************** [Tablespaces] ********************************************************************** --> SYSTEM tablespace is adequate for the upgrade. minimum required size: 1220 MB --> SYSAUX tablespace is adequate for the upgrade. minimum required size: 1474 MB --> UNDOTBS1 tablespace is adequate for the upgrade. minimum required size: 400 MB --> TEMP tablespace is adequate for the upgrade. minimum required size: 60 MB --> EXAMPLE tablespace is adequate for the upgrade. minimum required size: 310 MB [No adjustments recommended] ********************************************************************** ********************************************************************** [Pre-Upgrade Checks] ********************************************************************** WARNING: --> Process Count may be too low Database has a maximum process count of 150 which is lower than the default value of 300 for this release. You should update your processes value prior to the upgrade to a value of at least 300. For example: ALTER SYSTEM SET PROCESSES=300 SCOPE=SPFILE or update your init.ora file. WARNING: --> Enterprise Manager Database Control repository found in the database In Oracle Database 12c, Database Control is removed during the upgrade. To save time during the Upgrade, this action can be done prior to upgrading using the following steps after copying rdbms/admin/emremove.sql from the new Oracle home - Stop EM Database Control: $> emctl stop dbconsole - Connect to the Database using the SYS account AS SYSDBA: SET ECHO ON; SET SERVEROUTPUT ON; @emremove.sql Without the set echo and serveroutput commands you will not be able to follow the progress of the script. WARNING: --> Existing DBMS_LDAP dependent objects Database contains schemas with objects dependent on DBMS_LDAP package. Refer to the Upgrade Guide for instructions to configure Network ACLs. USER APEX_030200 has dependent objects. INFORMATION: --> OLAP Catalog(AMD) exists in database Starting with Oracle Database 12c, OLAP is desupported. If you are not using the OLAP Catalog component and want to remove it, then execute the ORACLE_HOME/oraolap/admin/catnoamd.sql script before or after the upgrade. INFORMATION: --> Older Timezone in use Database is using a time zone file older than version 18. After the upgrade, it is recommended that DBMS_DST package be used to upgrade the database time zone version to the latest version which comes with the new release. Please refer to My Oracle Support note number 977512.1 for details. ********************************************************************** [Pre-Upgrade Recommendations] ********************************************************************** ***************************************** ********* Dictionary Statistics ********* ***************************************** Please gather dictionary statistics 24 hours prior to upgrading the database. To gather dictionary statistics execute the following command while connected as SYSDBA: EXECUTE dbms_stats.gather_dictionary_stats; ^^^ MANUAL ACTION SUGGESTED ^^^ ********************************************************************** [Post-Upgrade Recommendations] ********************************************************************** ***************************************** ******** Fixed Object Statistics ******** ***************************************** Please create stats on fixed objects two weeks after the upgrade using the command: EXECUTE DBMS_STATS.GATHER_FIXED_OBJECTS_STATS; ^^^ MANUAL ACTION SUGGESTED ^^^ ********************************************************************** ************ Summary ************ 0 ERRORS exist in your database. 3 WARNINGS that Oracle suggests are addressed to improve database performance. 2 INFORMATIONAL messages that should be reviewed prior to your upgrade. After your database is upgraded and open in normal mode you must run rdbms/admin/catuppst.sql which executes several required tasks and completes the upgrade process. You should follow that with the execution of rdbms/admin/utlrp.sql, and a comparison of invalid objects before and after the upgrade using rdbms/admin/utluiobj.sql If needed you may want to upgrade your timezone data using the process described in My Oracle Support note 977512.1 ***********************************