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I went to watch “War of the Worlds” at the cinema on Saturday. Visually fantastic, but a rather so-so film in all, and Tom Cruise is seriously lightweight in it. When I came out I found the roads blocked by police and lots of people walking away from the city center. It turns out there was a bomb scare in the center of Birmingham so they were evacuating everyone. I guess the events in London last week have made everyone a little jumpy. Straight out of a disaster movie and into a real life disaster…. almost.

So that’s the state of play in my world, but let’s not forget the really important news, Harry Potter’s ‘Half Blood Prince’ Leaked.

Now consider the following words carefully. IT’S A CHILDREN’S BOOK!!!!!

Who gives a monkies if a few copies are sold early! If this were a piece of software it would have been released two years ago and bug-fixed to it’s current level with several service packs.

Every now and then events happen that bring a certain clarity with them. All I can think is that if the early release of a kids book is that important, we are doomed.



PS. The rather grumpy tone of this post is in part due to a lack of sleep caused by a dodgy back. I’m going to hit the pain killers later, which should improve my mood 🙂

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  1. Haven’t you heard? You don’t need a story anymore. You just overload the audience with eye candy to the point where they start to believe what they saw was worthwhile.


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